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Who is a Health Planner?

We are sales representatives who are delivering information about health and
wellness to design a healthy life for our Coway customers.
  • Consult about health care products
  • Build sustainable career
  • Suitable for every person experience
  • Flexible job opportunity
  • Job Opportunity

    Coway Health Planner – Business Development Executive

  • Health Planner offers you an opportunity to develop your own sustainable career that can be suitable to every person experience, from running small business man, new graduated student, sales people from other industry to house-wife who wants to share their own experience on taking care of family to others.
  • The position for Business Development Executive at Coway is open for both Part-time and Fulltime job.
  • If you need more information, kindly contact:
    Hotline: 0243.759.0888 - 1800.556.892, or
    Send email to recruit@cowayvina.com.vn
Coway supports the growth of employees based on the STEP (Self Teaching & Education Plan) system. STEP is a mandatory education system for employees, and it is strictly managed to reflect whether it has been completed in the promotion evaluation. The STEP system consists of leadership training, job training, onboarding training, and mandatory training.
In 2020, we plan to strengthen our employees' leadership competencies and training to improve job competencies in line with business changes.

Leadership Training

Leadership training is conducted to foster leaders who will lead the future and to develop competencies for positions. Customized training and online content training are provided regularly to executives and team leaders, and new leader training is provided to new positions. Moreover, pre-leadership training is provided to support the promotion of employees and training for employees who has been in the position for 3 years to check individual growth and develop necessary competencies.

Job Training

Job training consists of a program of common competency training, deparatmental training, outsourcing training, global language education support, and special lectures to strengthen the professionalism necessary for job performance, and built to provide an always-learning environment for employees to listen to e-learning voluntarily. In particular, common competency training consists of expert lectures in various fields such as business planning, financial accounting, and in-house lectures to learn Coway's products and technologies and practice services.
  • Sales tool kits

  • Every Health Planner is equipped with sales tool kits to maintain a professional look.
  • Dedicated application support

    Health Planner’s exclusive application for sharing sales information and checking each seller’s work.
At Coway Vina, we commit to you a guaranteed income so that you can take care of your whole family and build up a sustainable career tailored to every person‘s business strategy.
Incentive plan for every Health Planner is bui to encourage every person to accomplish their own target, including Sales Bonus, New Hired Support and other various periodic benefit.


Target Long-term Career Happy Family Additional Income
Income > 100 million VND > 40 million VNĐ ~ 20 million VNĐ
Promoted Position Health Manager PRO-Health Planner Health Planner
Promotion Period 6 months – 5 years 3 - 6 months 1 - 3 months
Working time 8 hours/day 20 – 40 hours/week 12 hours/week