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Price 10,000,000 đ

Essential health care equipment for every family

  • Slim and compact design for space saving
  • Young and modern design to easily blend in any kitchen design
  • Easy to dispense water with a simple touch
  • 4 flexible options to extract desired amount at once by either 3 levels of fixed extraction (250ml, 500ml, 1000L) or continuous extraction
  • High faucet location that covers various types of containers, from pot to tumbler
  • Large tank capacity (5L) in a compact size for family usage
  • 5 step filtration system offering purified water without boiling
  • Water pump ensures the filtration capacity when the water pressure is low
  • Airtight water tank for guaranteed hygiene
  • Easy self-cleaning with detachable cork


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CINNAMON WATER PURIFIER up down 10000000 (  )



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For a better care-free life
  • Bộ lọc RO lọc sạch và giữ nguyên hương vị của nước
  • Thiết kế đơn giản tạo thêm sự tiện lợi cho các chức năng cần thiết
  • Quản lý vệ sinh nghiêm ngặt

RO filter that filters cleanly and preserves the
taste of water

Coway RO filtration technology that
meticulously removes a total of 48 harmful
substances from 11 heavy metals dissolved in water to viruses

※ This is the result of the performance of the product tested according to the standards, the announcement "Notice of designating standards, specifications and water purifier testing agency" of the environment ministry from the performance testing agency of water purifier according to article 43 of the law related to drinking water management such as the Korean Environmental Water Pipeline Research Institute or the Korean Construction and Living Environment Testing Institute.
※ Amount of substances removed including all KC, Norogen test results: 17 volatile organic compounds and pesticides, 8 disinfection by-products, 4 types of visual effects, 1 livestock waste, 11 metals, 2 microorganisms, 5 ionic substances.
※ The Noro Virus removal feature is the result of a feature evaluation of a single product, which is the RO filter core
(Capacity 0.36L/min, at the time of continuous flow, 100L of water, fecal strain removal rate. isolate Murine Noro Virus over 99.99%).
※ The above test results may have errors depending on the use environment, is a composite image, showing the rejection features of different types of filter elements and of the product system.
※ Actual cartridge shape and size may vary depending on product type.

Simple design that adds convenience
to essential functions

High and wide container for user convenience,
small design creates a cozy feeling for the kitchen space

With ample space in front and the height of the extraction section, even a wide
and high container can receive water conveniently and effortlessly.
  • Wide container
  • Tall container
  • Convenient one-touch
    extraction of the
    desired amount

    From 3-step custom extraction to
    continuous extraction, you can
    choose according to your application and
    extract as easily as you want.
    • ~ 250mL
      (one cup)
    • ~ 500mL
      (two cups)
    • ~ 1000mL
      (four cups)
    • Continuous extraction
    ※ The amount of water that comes out may vary depending on the environment in which it is used.
    ※ At low water level, where there is not enough purified water in the water tank, the amount of extraction may be less than usual.
    ※ Continuous extraction is possible up to a maximum of 5L based on full water.
  • Natural colors
    and modern design that harmonize naturally with any kitchen

Strict hygiene management

  • Transparent detachable
    faucet for convenient hygiene management

    With the transparent removable faucet, you can check whether there is any contamination
    at a glance and easily separate and clean it.
  • Easy-to-manage
    materials and design
    make sanitation easier

    The front surface, which is prone to contamination, can be simply maintained
    by applying a flat design
    and a smooth material that
    can be easily cleaned.


5 step filtration system intelligently
Being integrated in 4 filters to remove all harmful contaminants following international standard.

Step 1 & 2

PLUS NEO-SENSE FILTER(Plus-sediment + Pre-carbon)

for removal of particulates, dissolved organic, inorganic impurities, chlorine and VOCs

Infusible particles







Step 3


for removal of water contaminants such as heavy metals, waterborne microorganisms and harmful organic chemicals etc.

Heavy metals

Harmful organic chemicals

Waterborne micro-organisms


Step 4


for removal of smell inducing material and to improve taste of water.




Step 5


for control of microorganism propagation in water.


Buy Filter
Model P-6320R CINNAMON
Filters & Sizes & Lifetime 1. Plus Neo-sense
(Plus Sediment + Pre-Carbon)
8 '' 6 Months
2. RO 8'' 24 Months
3. Plus Inno-sense
(Post-Carbon + Fine)
8'' 18 Months
4. Anti-Bacterial 12 Months
WQA certification -
Filtration capacity 8ℓ ~ 2,11 gal/hour
Tank capacity Ambient 5ℓ ~ 1,32gal
Cold -
Hot -
Total -
Rated voltage 24 V
Max power consumption
Hot -
Cold -
Total -
LED temperature indicator -
Continuous water dispenser
Hot water safety lock -
Turn on/off Hot-Cold water mode -
Night light -
Low water level indicator -
Power Saving mode -
(R x C x S)
200 x 405 x 400 mm ~ 7.9 x 15.9 x 15.7 inch
Net weight 6,5 kg ~ 14,3 lb
NO Product Price
1 Outright payment 10.000.000 VNĐ
NO 1 year Service Package (*) Price
1 Outright payment 2.160.000 VNĐ
Heart Service every 3 months within 1 year
NO Product and 1 year Service Package (*) Price
1 Outright payment 12.000.000 VNĐ
Heart Service every 3 months within 1 year
NO Product and 5 year Service Package (*) Price
1 Monthly payment within 5 years 500.000 VNĐ
Heart Service every 3 months within 5 years
  • (*) Kindly contact our Hotline for more information.